2018 <3

Central Mass Midwifery welcomed 34 sweet babies into the world in 2018, that means 34 moms were born along with their babies…

34 times I witnessed the strength, determination, vulnerability, and raw power of women reaching into another place inside themselves, entering into labor land, and moving through the experience, the ritual and initiation of bringing another being in and through their bodies.

It doesn’t matter if you were at home, or at the hospital. It doesn’t matter if your baby came out vaginally, or via nececeasarean… we all bring our babies here.

We are all monumentally changed by that process as we move from existence as one single being, to becoming two and then one again, forever changed by the beating of a heart inside of us that is not our own.

The places that only mothers know to go to bring a new being into existence here in our world…. and there is nothing, and I mean nothing, that I could celebrate more than these Mother’s on this New Years Eve….