Dina was the midwife with both of my children, the first was a transfer to a C-section and the second a home birth. The prenatal care is the best, and I would never want to do it any other way. I felt confident and reassured after every meeting. She’s compassionate, understanding, and just wonderful.

Dina was a great support after my C-section and regularly checked in on me and my colicky first baby. She was incredibly supportive of my HBAC choice and was a great cheerleader the whole way. Highly highly recommend.


Dina is the best. She went above and beyond for me and my girls. She drove me to the South Shore at 37 Weeks with my second to see a doctor who specialized in gentle versions (which was successful). She also helped me find someone to help me with PPD even though I was well past 6 weeks PP.

I have white coat syndrome and my BP is raised every time I enter a doctors office. At my appointments with Dina my BP was always perfect. I can’t even imagine what my experiences would have been like in a standard model of care. I can’t thank Dina enough for all she has done. She is really the best.


Dina changed the outcome for the birth of our second child. Our first was a csection and with her support and educated mind we were able to have a successful homebirth. We are forever grateful! She is an incredible woman and midwife. I highly recommend her for your birth journey.


Dina and her team were amazing! They truly became my “village” during the prenatal appointments and at birth of my daughter. This was my first certified midwife experience, my previous child was born with an OB practice, and I have to say it was a wonderful world of difference. Dina is kind, caring, and makes you feel heard while making sure you are educated and able to make well informed decisions about your pregnancy care and birth. We ended up transferring from home to the hospital for a necessary c-section; Dina’s knowledge and expertise gave me the confidence to know we made the right decisions for my daughter. If we do end up having another child, we wouldn’t trust anyone else with our prenatal and birth care. Dina is the best!


We planned a homebirth with Dina and her team for our 3rd child. My husband was originally apprehensive of the unknown but after an incredibly supportive, loving and caring experience he would scream it from the roof tops that your home is a safe and amazing place to have a baby. From long 1:1 appointments, text message responses, late night calls to a worried pregnant Momma and of course an incredible birth experience I cannot recommend Dina enough. She is the sweetest person you will ever know.


Dina and her team made me feel safe, cared for and important. No concern of mine or my husband’s was ever dismissed. Her knowledge and resources were never-ending. She showed professionalism and empathy and even wanted to get to know and connect with my two older boys, which I thought was very sweet. That made them feel special and part of the experience. If you are thinking of hiring Dina and her team, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment. I would have a 4th baby just so I could go through it all over again with her!


Dina was literally a life saver for me in the birth of my fifth child. It was a very difficult situation and Dina came at a moments notice and I am forever grateful. I had planned a hospital birth but was not getting the care I needed. Dina advocated for me and was by my side every moment and persisted and was successful in getting my needs met. In addition, she supported my husband as well. I have trust in Dina’s judgement and assessment. Dina’s care for me and the birth of my son was the most empowering experience for me that I have had. With great confidence I can say in Dina’s care one is in compassionate and capable hands.

Jeanne Handelman

There are so many wonderful experiences we’ve had with Dina as our midwife for our two home births. However the most profound ws how she treated me. I don’t think anyone has ever touched or handled my body with the respect and kindness Dina did. As a survivor of sexual abuse this was crucial in helping me believe in my ability to not only deliver my babies but also care for them afterwards. Dina also helped me seek professional help for my postpartum depression which I struggled with after all my pregnancies. I had never reached out for help after a lifetime of abuse but Dina gave me the courage to do so. My little family is healthy and happy and we owe much gratitude to Dina for this!”

Name withheld for privacy

Prior to working with Dina I was skeptical about hiring a doula/midwife. Being an RN myself, I did not want to feel pressured during my birthing process. I had reservations about working with a midwife. While natural birth was my goal, I wanted to have choices. I did not want to feel persuaded away from interventions that I might want or need in the moment.As the best laid plans often go, my homebirth did not happen. My daughter arrived 4.5 weeks early following a horrible stomach virus. As I was not close to my due date, Dina was on an overnight trip with her family. I was admitted to the hospital in labor. Incredibly, Dina left her family vacation and arrived by my side. She coached me through a natural birth in the hospital. She was my advocate, my shoulder, and truly my angel. In fact, at one point in my labor I asked my husband to leave the room. I needed the strength of a woman by my side, and thankfully, I had Dina. Dina’s birthing assistance did not end when my baby was born. In fact, her support was most appreciated during the postpartum period. Dina saw me, at my worst, crying on the floor of my house with a newborn and a toddler. She held me up, emotionally, when my hormones made me feel lost and alone.I was recently asked to identify three people in my life who I deemed to be my best nurturers. Dina was the first person who came to mind. She is gentle, but assertive when I needed her to be. I always felt that Dina would listen to me and honor my choices. Dina is not a midwife who is stuck on the notion that natural birth is the only way to go. She is an advocate for the type of birth that you want. I will go through my life eternally grateful for her presence in my life.

Sher Tsai

As a first-time, older, and single mom, I was compelled by Dina’s experience as a home birth midwife and doula. Although I did not have a home birth planned, I was confident that I would have a very experienced and informed advocate. Dina was my partner throughout my pregnancy, always available for questions and interactions, wanting updates, and she even made a special trip to my home to meet with my birth partner so that we could all go over my birth plan together. She helped me research and navigate murky issues like GBS positivity and impositions the medical establishment puts on AMA moms. She is very informed and data-driven, which was a good match for me, but she also is compassionate and emotionally supportive in a non-clinical way. I planned a natural birth, but as things go, this was not to be. I was induced and labor came fast and furious. Dina was at the hospital before I knew it and served as a tremendous comfort as I had to make decisions about how labor and delivery was to proceed, given the unexpected challenges I experienced. She is not dogmatic at all, understood and supported my birth preferences, but also gave me sound advice and advocated for some interventions not in my birth plan that prevented a C-section (avoiding one was my #1 birth preference). Dina worked beautifully with the midwife attending my birth, and my birth partner. I describe my labor and delivery as “fun” (although by objective measures, it probably wasn’t) and Dina helped make it that way. She was comforting and competent, good-humored and extremely adaptive. There were probably times when I should have been afraid, but I never was, because I had such confidence in my support from Dina (and also in my care at Mt Auburn). She remains a part of mine and my daughter’s lives and will always be an indelible part of our story. If I were to do this all over again, I’d want Dina by my side!


We were fortunate enough to meet and hire Dina Fraize to be our Doula 9 1/2 years ago.
My husband and I were older, we had never been married or had children. We were nervous and excited about being pregnant, but we had know idea what we were doing.

We felt so much better after we met Dina!
Dina is the definition of an amazing doula. When she first met with my husband and I, She was professional, informative, warm and kind. She wanted to get to know us and what we were specifically looking for from our Doula. She gave us information and told us exactly what we could expect. My husband explained that he needed Dina more than me. He was very nervous and felt much better knowing that Dena would be by our side when the contractions began until our baby was born.
Dina was truly a blessing. In our case my contractions came fast and furious, so Dina met us at the hospital. Dina was right there to keep me focused and still during my epidural. She supported me and helped me with my breathing during my labor and delivery. Dena stayed with my husband and I late into the night after our daughter was born. We finally insisted that she go home and my husband walked her to the parking garage.

To this day, whenever we meet someone who is considering hiring a doula, we tell them about our amazing experience with Dina Fraize!

Gayle Ober

Dina attended the births of my third and fourth babies. She is pretty much everything I could ask for in a midwife. Kind and empathetic, able to honor a mother’s wishes and intuition, but also very knowledgable and skilled.

Dina has a gift for knowing what is best for each mama/baby pair. At prenatal visits, she always listened patiently and included my other children so that they felt as though they were a part of the pregnancy too. She provided lots of information about each option for care so that I could make truly informed decisions about which interventions/screenings/procedures I wanted to accept or decline.

Because I had already had two babies, I knew what kind of support works best for me during labor. I prefer to be alone and quiet most of the time. Dina was so respectful of my wishes and I felt comfortable and supported, but not smothered. I have no doubt that if I had wanted hand holding and back rubbing for every contraction that she would have been right there with me too! Also her birth team of back up midwives are all amazing in their own ways and each bring their own skills and energy to the birth.

After the birth I felt very supported and cared for. Dina made frequent postnatal visits and I knew I could contact her whenever I had a question, no matter how small. She helped me through some mastitis issues far after the postnatal period was technically over.

I think it is so important to choose a midwife with whom you feel a connection. You need to trust her completely in one of the most vulnerable moments of your life. I recommend Dina whole heartedly. She is amazing!

Sarah Lipka

Dina brings competence, empathy, and passion for mother-directed birth in one dynamic package. She is efficient without being abrupt, straight-talking without being harsh, positive without being unrealistic. She is equally ready to share a laugh and a shoulder to lean or cry on. She is a person you will want to be friends with and ask parenting advice of long after your baby is delivered.

Katie Lambdon

Dina is an amazing midwife/doula, friend, confidante… I cannot say enough positive things about her to do her justice.
Dina was with me through two pregnancies & births. Both pregnancies were planned to have home delivery but neither ended up that way. My first child was a 50 hour labor and after about 36 hours at home, I ended up in the hospital to get an epidural. Dina was with me every minute of that entire 50 hours. She advocated for us in the hospital and I truly don’t know what we would have done without her.

Because I had met with Dina throughout my pregnancy, she got to know me – and it was such a personalized experience. Appointments with her were not just medical-focused… she got to know ME as a person, and that made all the difference.

For my second child, we found out she was in breech position at 38 weeks. Dina moved so quickly to find a resource and I ended up with a physician at Mt Auburn Hospital who Dina had previously worked with. It was a beautiful experience, amidst the stress of having a breech baby. As during my first child’s birth, Dina was with me every step of the way. She even rented a hotel room with her husband the night of my daughter’s birth so she could be closer to us in Cambridge.

I connected with Dina from the minute I met her and she was everything I could have hoped for in a midwife.
She was available, attentive, supportive, caring, nurturing, intuitive… and stood by my side with anything I needed.
I never felt silly calling her or asking her any questions. She has a vast amount of experience with pregnancies and labor/delivery. A soulful, loving, professional Midwife.

Sara Jaques

Dina provided excellent support to me and my husband through my VBAC. She was always available to me even though I was due right around Christmas! Her advice for welcoming a second child into our home was invaluable during such a significant transition. I can’t recommend Dina enough! Her nurturing, calming spirit will be an asset to any prospective parents. It’s been ten years since my daughter’s birth, and I feel I’m still reaping the benefits of a positive birth experience with Dina.

Jen Bronson

I have had 4 babies with CMM. I wouldn’t want anyone else at my birth. They are not just midwives they are part of our family.

Bahirra Janan

Dina is a wonderful, loving, and experienced midwife providing exceptional care to her midwifery and doula clients. As a childbirth educator, I refer people to her often, and they are always beyond pleased with the exceptional care she provides. As a childbirth educator I emphasize the importance of finding a provider who truly cares about the moms and babies entrusted to her, and Dina exemplifies this. Dina has found her true calling in this work, and her clients are beyond blessed to work with her!

Rebecca Urban