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I recently had a mom who was in labor tell me she didn’t feel “right” I let her know her vitals were fine, and asked what she was feeling… she told me she felt like she wasn’t present, spacey, and like she wasn’t in her body.

I let her know that is exactly what it is .. to give birth you can’t be HERE in this middle world place, the place of logic and reason, and thought. You have to go to this other place where women go to let their babies come down and out and into this world.

This “labor land” - this other worldly place is somewhere I see women travel to in labor. I let her know it was ok to let go, to go there, to surrender to that, to not BE here. I let her know that she could go there, and I would hold her in safety grounded physically HERE in this space.

She didn’t need to try to keep one foot here and one foot there. That I would be sure all the physical things were being watched and cared for, and I would let her know if there was something she needed to think about. That She could give in to it. She was safe to do so…

I watched her shoulders drop, her body sink into the process and go to that place of surrender; a different state of consciousness. Pulse comes down, breathing slows and evens out, and this amazing thing we inhabit, women’s bodies, takes over and does exactly the work it needs.

It is hard to bring babies earth side if you are not able to go to that space, that place, it is hard to have lights and noise and chatting, and not feel completely safe to surrender.

Birth is not a medical event, it is a spiritual, mind body, hormonal, intuitive, earth shattering, letting go so a person can come down and through you…

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