Mother Knowing

I was honored to be part of the birth of five new souls who entered our world this month… five new mothers were born… five women went through the most intense, most otherworldly, most over the moon, most body and mind opening experience that they will ever go through.

Bringing a soul down and through you is like nothing anyone can ever tell you. Moving through the process of allowing this is shifting in a way no one, even those of us who have done this, can explain. Each of our experiences is unique to us, to the dual partnership of our body and another being, but also universal to all of us at the same time. This is at once the biggest thing in our lives and the most normal, regular everyday thing that happens as babies come all over the world, every day.

Collectively 177 hours of labor, of the between space, of the time bending place, of the space and time none of us can explain, but all of us know… for when we look in another mothers eyes, …it doesn’t matter what the story, long or short, intense or gentle, loud or quiet, vaginal or cesarean, induction or epidural, home or hospital…, and hear about their experience of labor and birth, there is a deep knowing.

Our differences melt away and we get it, it often brings me to tears this connection. All our differences melt away in that second when we look in each others eyes and collectively nod with understanding…