My Favorite Christmas Present

My favorite Christmas present this year came in the form of a text message….

As I lay in bed smiling last night with the relaxation that comes after the hoopla is over, I received a text from a client saying “ a year ago tonight, I wish I could go back and experience every moment again”.

This was not an easy time/week for this amazing mom, last year. This wasn’t a picture perfect labor for her. Other kids were sick with stomach bugs, labor had started and stopped, it was Christmas in a huge family and all that entails, and ultimately a transfer from home to hospital… ruptured membranes that now presented with fever and despite all our efforts with all the natural things this little one was staying put.

Honestly nothing went according to plan… but her sweet baby did come safe and sound, super fast once labor started, the fastest labor I have ever seen 💜.

She was respected, loved and cared for… and that creates a landscape, a foundation so that even when nothing goes “right” or smooth or easily, you feel supported in this journey of bringing another soul through your body.. from there to here … I still sit in awe of women everywhere, everyday.

You see babies come here in many different ways, and it isn’t about the moment of baby coming out, it is about the process of bringing another human into the world through your body.

As a midwife, I can’t control birth, but if I I can hold that space, create an atmosphere of love and trust, so women have the experience of feeling empowered throughout this initiation into becoming a mother, however that happens…. that brings tears to my eyes and peace in my ♥️