The spaces between here and there

I am fascinated and intrigued with altered spaces of between… between one space and another… places that transition.coming back and forth from space beyond space and time beyond time.. as we move through this plane of existence.

As a midwife time bends in labor land, it is at once fast and super slow. The energy is heavy and you work to move it in whatever direction it needs with lavender or peppermint, with lights or darkness, with music or silence, movement or rest…as a new soul takes it’s first breath and comes into your hands and up to her mommas arms, it is sacred space…and when I transition back into the mundane world it is always interesting.

As I move from sacred birth space and out into the bright morning light, order a coffee and think about errands, I often just look around and smile thinking “do you know what just happened in that sweet house over there? And “yes coffee black is my order” feels so weird for a few hours until the transition is done and the space has shifted.