Choose Home Birth Midwifery Care with Dina Fraize, CPM.

Choose Home Birth Midwifery Care with Dina Fraize, CPM.

If you're considering a home birth you likely have a lot of questions. I'm here to help you discern if a home birth is the right choice for you. In our free initial consult I will provide all the information you need to feel fully informed on the option of birthing at home.

Dina Fraize CPM

As a midwife, I am committed to being a guardian of the normal. My goal is to support each client, and family, in a healthy pregnancy and satisfying birth experience, with the healthiest baby and strongest family unit possible.

- Dina Fraize, Certified Professional Midwife

Over 650 births attended in my 17+ years of birth work - from my years as a birth doula to my role as a midwife since 2007. I look forward to supporting your growing family.

I believe....

  • Our bodies are strong and designed to experience birth.
  • Babies are designed to emerge from the experience safely and unharmed.
  • Pregnancy is a normal, healthy, state of being.
  • Birth is an empowering, sacred, life altering experience.
  • A well-trained and well-equipped home birth midwifery team allows you to give birth safely in an environment of confidence, relaxation, and trust.
  • You deserve holistic, compassionate care and expert clinical skills.
  • Informed choice, and individual respect make all the difference.
  • Traditional midwifery skills together with modern technology create the optimal birthing environment.
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