home water birth

When we give birth, it is a process of opening and then closing again on so many levels, more than most people know, realize or acknowledge.

We give birth to ourselves, to a new way of existence each time a new person moves into and through us... it doesn't matter if it is our first, or our tenth baby, there is a shift every time. It is a process of opening and then closing again and that is deeply intense work.

We open physically; but we also open mentally, emotionally and spiritually during labor.

We surrender to our bodies, face our deepest fears, move through anxiety, trust in whatever we call our higher power, or energy, the universe, or gods and goddesses. Draw strength from all the women who have gone before us, or our Ancestors, or Partners, the Earth or Spirit. Whatever we need.

We move through sensations that we cannot describe, but only another who had been there can know... as we feel the strength of our bodies, our muscles, draw up and open to allow the space for decent.

The descent into complete surrender, to Labor Land, to the place you go that is not here or there but between.

The place that you gain the determination and strength that can propel you through the utter exhaustion and Herculean strength you need to bring your baby Earthside. The accent back to Here takes time... more time than we think, more time than most allow... to open so completely in every way requires a return, "a closing back up", that moves in stages.

From the beginning of the the return I can clearly see after birth, when a mom looks deep in my eyes and begins to come back from wherever she needed to go, to the days and weeks after her birth, as the shift continues and the return slowly happens.

You never go back, not to who you were before, but you Return to here a very different person from this opening and closing... with the knowledge of that journey and this new way of existing.

My work is to hold space; emotionally, spiritually and physically. To watch for anything in those three places that veers out of the range of safety, that causes stagnation, that impedes the process, and to the best of my ability bring it back... so that you can do the work of opening and closing, the journey, the initiation and transition needed to bring your baby here. 💜

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