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Labor Land

I recently had a mom who was in labor tell me she didn’t feel “right” I let her know her vitals were fine, and asked what she was feeling… she told me she felt like she wasn’t present, spacey, and like she wasn’t in her body. I let her know that is exactly what it…

home water birth

The Opening and Closing of labor and birth … physical, spiritual and emotional

When we give birth, it is a process of opening and then closing again on so many levels, more than most people know, realize or acknowledge. We give birth to ourselves, to a new way of existence each time a new person moves into and through us… it doesn’t matter if it is our first,…

Haiti Midwifery

Haiti.. beautiful and terrible things happen everywhere

2/13/17 being back here after being in a place that is so not anything like here is strange… without internet, TV, phone/text access, without being able to talk to anyone (except my interpreter). To be so out of place and yet feel so at home in your soul… Where the day is from sunup to…

Warmth. Compassion. Reverence. Patience. Strength.

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Families are having home births all over Central Mass!

Serving Central Mass including Northborough, Westborough, Southborough, Grafton, Boylston, Worcester, West Boylston, Hudson, Marlborough, Clinton, Shrewsbury, and other towns within a 50 mile radius.

Enjoy visits at home or at my Northborough office.

3 Farm House Road
Northborough Ma, 01532

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