Everything I could ask for in a midwife.

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Dina attended the births of my third and fourth babies. She is pretty much everything I could ask for in a midwife. Kind and empathetic, able to honor a mother’s wishes and intuition, but also very knowledgable and skilled.

Dina has a gift for knowing what is best for each mama/baby pair. At prenatal visits, she always listened patiently and included my other children so that they felt as though they were a part of the pregnancy too. She provided lots of information about each option for care so that I could make truly informed decisions about which interventions/screenings/procedures I wanted to accept or decline.

Because I had already had two babies, I knew what kind of support works best for me during labor. I prefer to be alone and quiet most of the time. Dina was so respectful of my wishes and I felt comfortable and supported, but not smothered. I have no doubt that if I had wanted hand holding and back rubbing for every contraction that she would have been right there with me too! Also her birth team of back up midwives are all amazing in their own ways and each bring their own skills and energy to the birth.

After the birth I felt very supported and cared for. Dina made frequent postnatal visits and I knew I could contact her whenever I had a question, no matter how small. She helped me through some mastitis issues far after the postnatal period was technically over.
I think it is so important to choose a midwife with whom you feel a connection. You need to trust her completely in one of the most vulnerable moments of your life. I recommend Dina whole heartedly. She is amazing!


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