Having a baby was the most special experience I have ever had in my life.

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When I found out I was pregnant, I made a list of midwives that attended births in my town, because I was 100% positive I was going to have a home birth. On my list I included 3 things that were essential for my decision: experience, positive energy, and an open mind. Dina was the first midwife that my husband and I interviewed. It was love at first sight! Dina treated us as if we have always been friends. She explained everything thouroughly, and made sure that not only mine but also my husband’s questions were answered. I felt a deep connection, and at the end of our meeting I had no doubt. My husband and I decided right there, even before we drove back home. We were happy and positive that Dina was going to help our baby come to this world.

I was so excited! We started our monthly meetings. Mom and baby were checked in every meeting, questions were answered with love, deep respect, and experience . Dina had amazing handouts with helpful and essential information about home birth, diet, self care, and more.

Dina is a spectacular Midwife. She is lovely, calm, strong, knowledgeable, open minded, connected, happy, and positive. She supported us through this amazing journey.

Having a baby was the most special experience I have ever had in my life. It would not be the same if Dina wasn’t there. Dina and her team were deeply connected to me and my needs the entire time. They were present (with heart, mind, and soul), and took care of everything. They were always so positive and organized, and they did not stop until I had my baby in my arms. Before they left our house they made sure that I was clean, and baby was healthy and safe, and they left the house, clean, organized, and even more harmonized than before my home birth.

This isn’t my birth story (I need a whole website to write about my birth story!). I just want to share a little bit of love and appreciation I have for Dina. I also want to make sure that any momma looking for a midwife, knows that you can look for, but you will never find a midwife like Dina and her team.

Dina always there for me, she was on call 24/7, always ready to help, answering endless text messages, empowering, and encouraging me. Always with love, care, knowledge, and joy.

Thank you for looking deep into my eyes and telling me “you can do it”
I can’t wait to get pregnant again and have her as our midwife!

We love you and will be forever grateful.


Rosa, Steven, & Benjamin

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