I can’t imagine pregnancy and birth with anyone other than Dina and team.

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As a first time mom with several friends and co workers having children at the same time, I know that the care, guidance, education and birthing experience I got with Dina is far beyond superior to industry standards. Dina is always so calm, compassionate and overflowing with knowledge that ease the physical and mental pains/stresses of pregnancy and labor.

I learned so much from Dina that I felt confident and educated on everything going on with my body and my baby. I felt prepared every step of the way: starting from our first appointment leading up to labor and delivery. Instead of the common association of scared, confused, unprepared and surprised.

Dina was always responsive and helpful. Dina was very respectful of personal beliefs and goals. I could not be happier with my birth experience and for that I am very blessed, but I know that the wisdom, compassion and zen Dina provides is to thank. My baby is very happy and very healthy and I truly attribute it to his gentle and calm entrance into the world. Not to mention Dina gave him the most beautiful belly button I’ve ever seen! After delivering I felt so great and happy. My recovery was smoother than I expected and I felt so great and prepared and taken care of yet calm and comfortable throughout the days after birth all because of Dina and her team. I wish every woman, baby and family such a positive reassuring caregiver and a calm, happy and healthy home birth. I strongly recommend midwifery, home birth and especially Dina to expecting moms!


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