Boston midwife testimonials
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Boston midwife testimonials
Boston midwife testimonials

What families are saying...

Everything I could ask for in a midwife.

Dina attended the births of my third and fourth babies. She is pretty much everything I could ask for in a midwife. Kind and empathetic, able to honor a mother’s wishes and intuition, but also very knowledgable and skilled. Dina has a gift for knowing what is best for each mama/baby pair. At prenatal visits,…

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I can’t imagine pregnancy and birth with anyone other than Dina and team.

As a first time mom with several friends and co workers having children at the same time, I know that the care, guidance, education and birthing experience I got with Dina is far beyond superior to industry standards. Dina is always so calm, compassionate and overflowing with knowledge that ease the physical and mental pains/stresses…

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When she arrived, her warm, calm presence was all that I wanted near me.

My labor was a whirlwind, but truly a magical experience. An hour after a relaxing and peaceful prenatal massage, I found myself in a very unfamiliar place while shopping. My water had broke and was trickling down my leg as I was in the check out line! I quickly apologized to the clerk and headed…

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Having a baby was the most special experience I have ever had in my life.

When I found out I was pregnant, I made a list of midwives that attended births in my town, because I was 100% positive I was going to have a home birth. On my list I included 3 things that were essential for my decision: experience, positive energy, and an open mind. Dina was the…

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"Dina has a kind and compassionate heart. She is an active listener (this is a rare and beautiful art!)...when i am with her i feel truly heard."


"Because I had met with Dina throughout my pregnancy, she got to know me – and it was such a personalized experience. Appointments with her were not just medical-focused… she got to know ME as a person, and that made all the difference."


"I connected with Dina from the minute I met her and she was everything I could have hoped for in a midwife. She was available, attentive, supportive, caring, nurturing, intuitive… and stood by my side with anything I needed.. A soulful, loving, professional Midwife."


"Dina changed the outcome for the birth of our second child. Our first was a csection and with her support and educated mind we were able to have a successful homebirth. We are forever grateful!"


"Dina is the best. She went above and beyond for me and my girls. She drove me to the South Shore at 37 Weeks with my second to see a doctor who specialized in gentle versions (which was successful). She also helped me find someone to help me with PPD even though I was well past 6 weeks PP."

2nd-time mama

"From the moment I met Dina I felt comfortable with her and her care. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, graceful and professional! I always felt safe and secure with her as my Midwife. We saw her for every appointment during our pregnancy and then for our birth and PostPardum care. The continuity of care was amazing for us as well as the amount of time Dina would spend with us. She was always available to chat any time if I had questions or concerns, even in the middle of the night."


"Dina brings competence, empathy, and passion for mother-directed birth in one dynamic package. She is efficient without being abrupt, straight-talking without being harsh, positive without being unrealistic. She is equally ready to share a laugh and a shoulder to lean or cry on."


"Dina is kind, caring, and makes you feel heard while making sure you are educated and able to make well informed decisions about your pregnancy care and birth."


"Dina and her team made me feel safe, cared for and important. No concern of mine or my husband's was ever dismissed. Her knowledge and resources were never-ending. She showed professionalism and empathy and even wanted to get to know and connect with my two older boys, which I thought was very sweet. That made them feel special and part of the experience."


"We loved Having Dina as our midwife through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She was absolutely amazing to work with. She always was so positive and gave us lots of information and supported any decisions we made."


"There are so many wonderful experiences we’ve had with Dina as our midwife for our two home births. However the most profound ws how she treated me. I don’t think anyone has ever touched or handled my body with the respect and kindness Dina did. As a survivor of sexual abuse this was crucial in helping me believe in my ability to not only deliver my babies but also care for them afterwards. Dina also helped me seek professional help for my postpartum depression which I struggled with after all my pregnancies. I had never reached out for help after a lifetime of abuse but Dina gave me the courage to do so."

Name withheld for privacy

"We planned a homebirth with Dina and her team for our 2nd child and it was the best decision we’ve ever made. Dina is a very kind, gentle, compassionate woman, who truly cares about her “clients”. She is a wealth of knowledge and provides continued support from each step of pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum care into motherhood. She is extremely responsive and is there for you with every worry or concern. Dina is the sweetest person you will ever know and I couldn’t recommend her enough."


"I have had 4 babies with Dina and Central Mass Midwifery. I wouldn’t want anyone else at my birth. They are not just midwives they are part of our family."


"I couldn’t have imagined a better Midwife, Or friend, to be by my side for the hardest and most amazing thing I have ever accomplished. Hire her! You won’t ever be anything but over the Moon happy with Dina!"


"Dina is such a kind, loving, wise and knowledgeable midwife. She played a vital role in two of my births! She listened to me while I processed many emotions and pointed me in the right direction every time. Every family she works with is blessed to have her!"


"I have white coat syndrome and my BP is raised every time I enter a doctors office. At my appointments with Dina my BP was always perfect. I can’t even imagine what my experiences would have been like in a standard model of care. I can’t thank Dina enough for all she has done."


"My husband was originally apprehensive of the unknown but after an incredibly supportive, loving and caring experience he would scream it from the roof tops that your home is a safe and amazing place to have a baby. From long 1:1 appointments, text message responses, late night calls to a worried pregnant Momma and of course an incredible birth experience I cannot recommend Dina enough. She is the sweetest person you will ever know."


"Dina brings competence, empathy, and passion for mother-directed birth in one dynamic package. She is efficient without being abrupt, straight-talking without being harsh, positive without being unrealistic. She is equally ready to share a laugh and a shoulder to lean or cry on. She is a person you will want to be friends with and ask parenting advice of long after your baby is delivered."