When she arrived, her warm, calm presence was all that I wanted near me.

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My labor was a whirlwind, but truly a magical experience. An hour after a relaxing and peaceful prenatal massage, I found myself in a very unfamiliar place while shopping. My water had broke and was trickling down my leg as I was in the check out line! I quickly apologized to the clerk and headed to my car as I frantically called Dina. Reassuringly, she calmly told me to head home and monitor the situation. Not having any contractions yet, I opted to grab something to eat and do a little house work to pass the time. Quickly however, things changed and progressed. I texted with Dina to let her know that contractions has started, then that they were more intense. Each time she asked to chat and during the final discussion, she realized something that I did not, labor was moving fast. As she bolted to my house, I managed through some intense contractions while focusing on my salt water fish.

When she arrived, her warm, calm presence was all that I wanted near me. My husband was holding my toddler as we waited for my mom to arrive and Dina held me. With each contraction, she helped me breathe through it. As her birth team arrived next (along with my mother) they immediately started setting things up. Such an organized team moving throughout my house as if they knew where everything was, getting things ready for the next stages. Pushing started not to soon after everyone had arrived and there was never a break in my concentration, they all moved around me. The team recommended positions, but followed my direction bringing supplies as needed. With each wave, Dina held me tighter as Meryl helped deliver our sweet baby boy into this world only 4 hours after that peaceful massage. I will never forget the love that filled my bedroom on that beautiful June evening.


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